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History Cruze Car Show photos

North St. Paul History Cruze Car Show
Every Friday, June 2- September 15, 2017

History Cruze Dinner Meetings

If you miss your Friday Night History Cruze friends and would like to keep up to date with what is happening for 2017, we have Friday Night Dinners get togethers throughout the winter.

Dinners has been set up at 5:00pm on the first Friday, thru May (May 5th, 2017) in the bar area. We will be meeting at Gulden's Restaurant & Bar in Maplewood. They are located at 2999 Highway 61 North, Maplewood, MN. Phone: 651.482.0384. Their website is

Spring Meeting
April 29, 2017

To all History Cruze Volunteers and Staff...We will be having our spring meeting on Saturday, April 29, 2017. Social hour is at 5:00 pm and dinner is at 6:00 pm. The meeting will be at K&J. For directions, click here. For more information contact Paul at 651 210-9645.

Fallen K-9 Fundraiser
Sponsored by Journey of Misfits Dog Training & St. Paul Police K-9 Foundation

Supporting Fallen K-9's

Fallen K-9 Fundraiser
Saturday, May 6, 2017

2601 6th Avenue Eas
North St. Paul, MN 55109

Come see the K-9's full demonstration at noon.
Officers meet and greet from 10am-3pm.
Show your support for fallen K-9's.
Raffle and/or Silent Auction.
Donations will go to ODMP (Officer Down Memorial Page) and
The SPPK-9 Foundation (St. Paul Police K-9 Foundation).

Click here for more updates.

Looking for Volunteers...
We are looking for volunteers to become "Yellow Shirts" for the 2017 season. Come volunteer for a week, two weeks, etc., make new friends, join our group. We are flexible with your schedule. We are looking for people to rotate work at the gates during the season. If you already come to the show and would like to be part of a great family experience, contact Paul at 651 210-9645.

If you are a business, car club or member and you have an event or an announcement you would like to post, please e-mail the information you would like listed to Bruce or Sandy at or contact us at 651 261-8031 or 651 253-1706.

To join our E-mail List mailings for monthly newsletter updates on special events and show information, click here.

To become a Food / Exhibitor / Item Vendor for the History Cruze, contact Bruce or Sandy Fabio at 651 261-8031 or 651 253-1706 or e-mail to
Tents only, Trucks or Trailers spots are limited.

To become a sponsors of the car show, click here

Do you hear that?

Come Friday, September 23rd, 2016, I don’t hear a damn thing. No great sound of headers, bands, sizzling corn dogs, cheese curds cooking, nope nothing. It will be a ghost town here in downtown North St Paul compared to what it has been the previous 16 weeks. Reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sounds of Silence” (Oh boy did that show my age now didn’t it). We did have a few rain-outs but overall the crowds were unbelievable this year. The streets have looked like the state fair and the food vendors have been crazy busy. Hopefully the food choices were liked by the masses, the new foods seemed to be a big hit this year.
We need to appeal to the car owners to hold off coming down and parking in front of the business so early. We have some business that are going to go to the city and petition the city council to shut down the show since some of the car owners are now showing up at noon and 1 taking up all the parking for their businesses. We have been asking for many years to not park early, it has now impacted too many businesses that it is hurting their businesses to have the show here. I am talking to the 20 or so cars that have to come down and park in front of business early every week, is it so important to have that exact spot to jeopardize the future of the show?
Have a good winter, watch the website and this newsletter, we will keep you informed of our communications with the City of North St Paul and our schedule as it becomes available.
Thank you to all the Yellow Shirts that take care of all the gates and work so hard all year, our Vendors and Bands to entertain and feed the masses. Our City workers who protect our streets and visitors and patrons, keep our streets clean and makes sure our electricity works on the street. Our car and truck owners that bring their cars and trucks down every Friday and our visitors for showing up and enjoying the show. Have a Safe and Prosperous Fall, Winter and Spring.

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The North St. Paul Historical Society Museum

The North St. Paul Historical Society Museum is located at 2666 E. 7th Avenue.
The museum is open Fridays  from 1-7pm during the car show. Volunteers are available for free tours of the museum. The museum displays tell the story of Henry Castle and how North St. Paul was founded. We have past North High year books and other great memorabilia.

facebook for The North St. Paul Historical Society Museum. Contact The North St. Paul Historical Society at
651 779-6402 for more information.

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