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History Cruze Car Show photos

North St. Paul History Cruze Car Show
June 6 - September 19, 2014
6:00pm - 10:00pm

We have a green light!

The History Cruzer Board has an agreement from the City of North St. Paul for the 2014 season. We are scheduled to start June 6th – September 19th, 2014. The Bands have been asked to tune up, the food vendors are already heating up the grills and the "Yellow Shirts" are being washed. I have really missed them cheese curds and walking my dog around the crowds. Mark your calendars folks, the show is a go....See everyone June 6!!!

North St. Paul History Cruze Blood Drive
Friday, June 13th, 2014

North St. Paul Histroy Cruze Blood Drive
North St. Paul Histroy Cruze Blood Drive

North St. Paul History Cruzers
2524 7th Avenue East
Across from "The North St. Paul Post Office"

Friday, June 13th, 2014
3:00pm - 8:00pm

Contact Bruce or Sandy Fabio at 651 253-1706 or

1-800-GIVE-LIFE l

Veterans' Park Announcement

The Veterans Park Committee is finalizing the artwork and information needed on the Memorial Wall portion of the monument. A list is being compiled of the North Saint Paul Area Veterans (postal zip code 55109) who were listed by the Department of Defense as being Killed in Action, Missing In Action and/or Prisoners of War from all conflicts and time periods. We are asking the public to provide those Veterans' names that they believe to be included on the Memorial Wall. Please contact Joe Zakrzewski, Committee Secretary, at 651-773-8526 or with your information.

Memorial Pavers

We will be set up at the History Cruze Car Show this summer on June 6, July 4, August 8 & September 19, 2014.

You can order Memorial Pavers and Honor our Heroes for the North St Paul Veterans Park. Click here for the Memorial Paver Order Form.

You can contact Joe Zakrzewski if you have any questions at 651 773-8256 (American Legion #39)

Click on paver image to enlarge

WebWolf Designs Picks of the Week

Car of the Week
Mike Heinen, 1955 Chev 2 Dr 150 - 9/20/13

Mike Heinen
1955 Chev 2 Dr 150

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WebWolf picks

Fans of the Week
Pet of the Week
Fans  of the Week

Pet of the Week

Spring Meeting
April 26, 2014

To all History Cruze Volunteers and Staff...We will be having our spring meeting on April 26, 2014. Social hour is at 5:00 pm and dinner is at 6:00 pm. The meeting will be at K&J. For directions, click here. For more information contact Paul at 651 210-9645.

May 17, 2014

North St. Paul History Cruzers has teamed up with the Minnesota Department of Transportation in an effort to keep our highways clean. Click here for more information.

Looking for Volunteers...
We are looking for volunteers to become "Yellow Shirts" for the 2014 season. We are looking for people to rotate work at the gates during the season. If you already come to the show and would like to be part of a great family experience, contact Paul at 651 210-9645.

If you are a business, car club or member and you have an event or an announcement you would like to post, please e-mail the information you would like listed to Bruce or Sandy at or contact us at 651 261-8031 or 651 253-1706.

To join our E-mail List mailings for monthly newsletter updates on special events and show information, click here.

Vendors...NOTE: We can not fit anymore Food Trailers or Trucks for 2014
To become a Food/Exhibitor/Item Vendor for the History Cruze, contact Bruce or Sandy Fabio at 651 261-8031 or 651 253-1706 or e-mail to


We are now a part of foursquare. Check-in for campaign specials at the participating vender booths. Watch for the foursquare flyer displayed at participating booths. Specials subject to change without notice.

Tip of the Month:

Following the old adage that "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is" comes the news that regular, proper care and maintenance are what really keep vehicles going into the high six-figure mileage ranges. Miracle cures, magic fairy dust, mystery polymers and the like are all fine and good for infomercials, but most likely won't do much good for your vehicle.
We all know somebody "wink, wink" with an older, high-mileage vehicle that just keeps on running year after year---The secret is that there is no real secret to getting a vehicle to last a long time. The difference is maintenance. Regular fluid checks and an almost pious dedication to scheduled lubrication will keep the powertrain going strong. What kind of oil, brake fluid, and grease used is just as important as when it is changed. The best oil in the world will do your engine no good if you never change it. Cleaning and protecting the finishes of the vehicle inside and out will keep things looking good. Paint, plastic, leather, and fabric need help to survive the constant assault of sun and elements. Utilize both of these plans together and you, like your Crazy Uncle Fred, will enjoy happy motoring for a good, long time.

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